How to Generate Your Session with Vital

Once you've made all your selections, you can generate your personalized meditation.

[image generate]

Save Your Meditations

When your meditation is complete, you can choose to save your meditation prompt, so you can re-use it later. Vital members often do this when they believe a prompt and meditation is really hitting the mark.

[saved image]

Climb the Vital Leaderboard

The Vital app gives you points and a tracker to visually reward you for your consistency and effort.


This not only offers a sense of accomplishment but also reinforces the habit through positive feedback.

Monthly vs. All Time Rankings
Our monthly and all-time leaderboard shows our community’s commitment to mindfulness practice by ranking each of our users by points, or time spent meditating.

It's quite rewarding if you are a new user to see if you can break the monthly top 10 and expand your meditation practice as you do so.

Vital Tip

Remember, Vital is adaptable to you and whatever you're experiencing in the moment.

Your choices may change depending on the moment.

As you find what works for you, you can start to play. Explore with your prompting and start to find out more about yourself.

2024 All Rights reserved

2024 All Rights reserved

2024 All Rights reserved