How to Select Your Preferences in Vital

Favorite Voice

In Vital, you can choose whatever voice is the most soothing and relatable to you. You can choose from 6 different voices:

  • Arlo and Aria are AI coaches, meaning the voices have been created artificially.

  • Ashley, Brett, Dane and Dr. Ford are real people, who we call coach collaborators. 

These coach collaborators use Vital to support their student’s meditation practice outside of their in-person sessions. You can get to know them outside of the app, too!

Meditation Techniques

You can also choose a meditation technique to suit the moment and challenge you're facing.

  • Visualization: Create vivid mental images to facilitate relaxation and mental clarity.

    For stress relief and achieving specific goals

  • Mindfulness: Focus on being fully present in the moment and observing thoughts and sensations without judgment,

    For stress relief and improving emotional well-being

  • Sleep Story: Use narrated stories with soothing tones to help lull you into a restful sleep
    For better sleep quality

  • Loving-Kindness: Send out feelings of love and kindness first to oneself and then to others
    To improve emotional resilience and enhance positive emotions

  • Breath Awareness: By focusing solely on your breathing, this technique helps to quiet the mind.
    For stress reduction and improving concentration

  • Affirmations: Repeat positive statements to oneself in order to instill a sense of self-empowerment and to reframe negative thought patterns.
    For self-empowerment and to better thought patterns

  • Concentration: Focus on a single point, like a sound or object, to train the mind in sustaining attention.
    For improving mental focus and clarity

  • Body Scan: Mentally scan each part of your body for sensations, tension, or discomfort.
    To increase body awareness and promote relaxation.

Choose Your Favorite Background Music/ Noise

Sound matters. You can choose between Melodic, Binaural, Silent and Nature sounds to accompany your meditation.

[image of sounds]

Choose Your Language

Vital offers AI guidance in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.


Choose Your Length of Time

Decide how long you want your session to be. For beginners, 5-10 minutes is do-able. As you get more comfortable, you can stay in a meditation for up to 60 minutes with Vital.

2024 All Rights reserved

2024 All Rights reserved

2024 All Rights reserved